Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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Company internships

The Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences offers students of all three programmes the opportunity to complete their academic training by doing the optional internship.

Internships provide students with professional experience in companies and other entities collaborating in student training and placement.

The internship programme offers the company or institution:
  • Provide companies with access to a source of human resources: graduates in Business Administration, Economics and Accounting and Finance
  • Provide an opportunity to know future graduate profiles, and facilitate the process of selecting personnel
  • Create a network of collaborating companies and institutions to establish permanent contact for mutual benefit.
  • Carry out new projects with personnel that do not have an occupational connection.
The internship programme offers students:
  • Practical sessions with academic content
  • Professional experience for their CVs
  • The opportunity to work in leading international companies
  • Optional credits
The call for applications is closed SEGON Semestre 2016/2017
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